Security & Privacy Policy


Seattle Gameco values your right to privacy and the importance of protecting your data. What individually identifiable information we gather from you will only be used to facilitate your purchase of our product including any necessary communications. We will never use your personal information to market to you without your consent. We will not ever sell your personal information to any person or entity whatsoever. We do rely on Squarespace (our website platform) and Stripe (our payment processor) to collect purchase order information and payment processing information. We count on them to protect this sensitive information throughout and after the purchase process. We do not directly store any of your credit card information whatsoever, however you may have the option to save such information for future purchases, which would be facilitated by and on Stripe’s servers. They are a top notch online payment processor by the way. Our website is delivered to your browser through an encrypted connect in order to safely collect your private information during the purchase process.

Our website does automatically collect some information during visitor sessions although it is not individually identifiable information. For example we can look at information collected and know that x number of people visited on this kind of phone, computer or browser version or someone visited from some particular IP address or this particular city or state or country, however we can’t say who were these people specifically. Part of this information collection is done with cookies and is out of necessity in order for the website to operate properly, specifically the shopping cart functions. So our website does place a cookie in your browser if your settings do so allow. That is Squarespace technology. Next we also use Google Analytics to pay attention to traffic details. Again this is not personally identifiable information, but yes Google Analytics may also cookie your browser if your settings so allow. Finally we do have a link to our facebook page in the footer of our pages. So in an effort to comply with the European privacy laws and to be thorough we should fess up to that. We have no Facebook advertising campaigns at this time, but there is a chance that Facebook is collecting some information on any traffic that might come from here and go to Facebook and vice versa. That said if you’re having more fun than a barrel of monkeys with your Seattle Gameco game, please go visit us on Facebook and give us the thumbs up. ;)